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ThunderDome Racing Entertainment & Attractions has a collection of unique racing games and challenges that you won’t find anywhere else!

From elaborate stock car race tracks to fun and competitive pit stop challenges, we have everything you need to make your event an exciting experience to remember. With great opportunities for custom branding, prize giveaways, and engaging competitions, we specialize in putting your event in overdrive!

Racing Simulator Rentals & Interactive Racing in Norwood, NC - star16-Car Remote Control Race Track

6 Car Race Track racing game rental

ThunderDome Racing offers a 6-Car Remote Control Race Track, our most engaging attraction, which allows 6 people to compete against one other at one time! The race cars are 1/10th scale and very durable and the track can be configured to a standard oval shape or custom D shape, depending on your preference.  Our oval shapes range from as small as 16’ x 20’ to as large as 20’x 24’.  The D-shape track is only offered in 20’ x 24’ as it requires all of the pieces of the track. 

We usually let players warm up for 3 - 4 minutes to get a feel for the track and car and then we wave the green flag to start the 4-lap race!  The attendants will call out 1st & 2nd place each time the cars go by the start/finish line and we wave the checkered flag at the end of the race.  Participants love the friendly competition and social time with friends.  Sometimes the client will have us give out ‘raffle’ style tickets to the winner of each race.  Near the end of the event, the client will pick 6 numbers out of a hat and we’ll do a final ‘race off’. This creates a lot of fun and excitement.  Prizes to the overall winners have ranged from gift cards to iPads!

Racing Simulator Rentals & Interactive Racing in Norwood, NC - star14 - Car Mini Track

4 - Car Race Track racing game for rent

This is a super cool R/C Track and we use it a lot for trade shows and promotions.  The guests really enjoy it! It has a small footprint and is perfect for trade shows and hospitality suites & tents.  We can make customized car bodies or print full track skirts with your company’s logos on the cars & skirts.  This is great for brand engagement!  If you don’t want to brand it, that’s fine too - we'll use a traditional checkered flag skirt to go around the Mini Track.

The Mini Track is PC-based and is 13’ long x 10’ deep.  The cars power is turned on & off by the PC. The player who completes the most laps in 2 minutes is the winner.  This is a time-based racing attraction and the power automatically cuts off at the 2-minute mark and the winner is determined on the 47” monitor.  The Mini Track has a lap counter so the cars laps are registered and kept up with by the PC.  The 47” monitor shows the position of each car and a voiceover, similar to a race announcer, calls out which car is in 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place and congratulates them! 

Racing Simulator Rentals & Interactive Racing in Norwood, NC - star1Pit Stop Challenge

Pit Stop Challenge racing game rental

The next fun and competitive attraction ThunderDome offers is the Pit Stop Challenge.  This tire-changing device simulates the fast-paced experience that actual race car pit crew members go through during every NASCAR race.  The cradle of the air gun is spring-loaded so when the air gun is lifted, the cradle rises up thereby starting an LED timer that is attached to it.  The player then rushes to loosen all 5 lug nuts, quickly pulls the tire out and then pushes the tire back in.  Players don’t actually lift the tire because the tire is on a steel rod and simply pulls out and pushes back in.

Then the player takes the air gun and turns it to forward position and tightens the 5 lug nuts back on as fast as they can and puts the air gun back in the cradle.  When the air gun is placed back in the cradle the timer stops, thus giving the player their time.  The lug nuts do loosen and tighten, however, they do not fall off.  Don’t worry! Players don’t even get dirty because the tire is brand new.  We even provide gloves for men and women.  It’s a completely safe, clean, and fun experience.   This fun and addictive attraction will have people getting back in line to play it over and over again trying to beat their highest score as well as beat their friends & colleagues.

Pit Stop Challenge racing game rental by thunderdome

The air gun, which is an Ingersoll Rand brand, identical to what NASCAR teams use, works off of an air compressor, which is noisy, so we always try to find a closet or a room to put the air compressor in where it won’t be heard, or at least won’t be loud.   Sometimes we even put it in the kitchen corridor or employee hallway.  We have 100 feet of air hose to work with, but when an empty room or closet cannot be found, we also offer a quiet electric air gun.  It’s just as much fun for the players, however, the game loses the authenticity of having a real air gun.  To make the experience more competitive, we keep track of each player’s times so prizes can be given away to the quickest overall or quickest man, woman or top 3 of each gender.  However, the client determines if they want to give away prizes and what the prizes will be.  The Pit Stop Challenge needs a minimum space of 10 x 10’. 

Racing Simulator Rentals & Interactive Racing in Norwood, NC - star1Dual Pit Stop Challenge

Dual Pit Stop Challenge racing game rental by thunderdome

Our Dual Pit Stop Challenge is a great team building attraction that will get your colleagues adrenaline going as they try to beat each other’s times! With the Dual Pit Stop Challenge, two players compete against each other at the same time. It works just like the single-unit Pit Stop Challenge, except that the dual has the entire side of the car with a front tire and rear tire.

Each player loosens the lug nuts and pulls the tire out a few inches and then pushes the tire back in and switches the Air Gun from reverse to forward and then tightens the lug nuts. The first one done is the winner and we can keep track of the top players and prizes can be awarded at the end of the event. Branding of any of our racing games & attractions is possible as you can see from the pictures. If you’re interested please call us to discuss how we can be a part of your company's promotional efforts.

Racing Simulator Rentals & Interactive Racing in Norwood, NC - star1Stock Car Challenge

Stock Car Challenge racing game rental

The Stock Car Challenge works just like the 4 Car Mini Track, except it has a smaller footprint for space-challenged venues. The game’s footprint is only 8’ wide x 6’ deep x 7’ tall, and up to 4 players can compete at the same time against one another. The person who completes the most laps at the end of 2 minutes is the winner! The game has a lap counter and keeps up with how many laps each player has and calls them out each time a car passes under the start/finish line. 

This game operates exactly like the Mini Track except it is smaller.  This game can be branded with your companies name and logo on top as a header and custom car bodies can be made so your company is seen on the track all day long as people watch and race the game. Other logos and artwork can be placed around the track surface and wrapped around the game itself, like a banner.

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