Golf Simulator Rental

Golf Simulator Rental

Let’s face it – not everyone has enough free time to make it to the golf course as often as they’d like. So, why don’t you let us bring the golf course to you!

Between our inflatable golf range, chipping challenge, and driving and putting simulators, our golfing entertainment attractions are the next best thing to a day on the links. 

Golf Simulators & Virtual Golf Rentals in Norwood, NC - star1Virtual Golf Driving Simulator

Virtual Golf Driving Simulator for rentIn the Virtual Golf Simulator, soft yellow golf balls are hit over a pad that is composed of 92 infrared lasers. The lasers read the club head and determine the speed at which you swing the club, distance of the ball and other technical information. This information is then projected onto the 5’ x 8’ screen in front of the player.  We always leave the game on the ‘Driving Range’ setting. Players usually hit 7-8 balls and we then write down their distance and name to keep track of who has the longest drive during the event.  We also can do a competition with ‘closest to the pin’ if the client wants. 

The players can get back in line and continue to hit balls as long as they want, trying to better their scores and compete with friends. Prizes can be given away to the player(s) with the longest drive(s). The Golf Simulator is 10′ high x 12’ long x 12’ wide.  It has a black canopy that covers it and black netting on all of the sides to keep the foam balls inside the hitting area.

Golf Simulators & Virtual Golf Rentals in Norwood, NC - star1Outdoor Inflatable Golf Range

Inflatable Golf range rentalOur Inflatable Driving Range uses real golf balls hit into a thick vinyl backdrop.  It is very safe to use and people really enjoy it!  It has a distance ‘caddy’ system that lets the player know how far they have hit the ball.  We have used it before for ‘Longest Drive’ Competitions and give prizes away to the person with the longest distance or top male and top female.  You could include kids too. 

We have kids clubs too, however the system is set up for Right-Hand players only.  We can switch it around for lefties but it takes about 5 minutes so we usually don’t move it and it’s currently set up for righties only.  The game is 15’ tall, 15’ wide and 15’ deep. This attraction comes with one attendant to assist with guest help and crowds, etc. when necessary.

Golf Simulators & Virtual Golf Rentals in Norwood, NC - star1Putting Simulator

Rent Putting SimulatorThe Putting Simulator has 3-course choices - the front 9, the back 9, or all 18 holes.  You never have to reach down to get the ball.  There is an infrared beam that projects across the front of it and that way it knows the ball has been struck.  Up to 4 players at one time can play. 

The game has a speaker, which calls out the score and applauds hole in ones.  It also has a led score counter on it that keeps track of everyone's score.  The layout of the course changes once each player has had his or her turn at each respective hole. 

There are “mechanical fingers” if you will, that go up and down under the cup area and determine the layout changes for each hole.  There are 2 levels of difficulty, beginner and pro.  Beginner is super easy and pro is hard, but not overly difficult.  Pro is what I tell people to play!

Golf Simulators & Virtual Golf Rentals in Norwood, NC - star1Chipping Challenge

Chipping ChallengeThis is a pretty simple game.  Simply hit Velcro balls onto the backdrop.  Try to avoid the water and land on the green.  There is a point scoring system printed on the backdrop.  10 points for landing on the green, 5 points for landing on the course, and 5 points for landing in the water.  5 balls struck equals one round, then simply add up the points then the next player can hit. 

We use a real sand wedge for this game, but the balls are made of soft Velcro.


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